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Buses In India
Buses are one of the oldest means of transportation in India, but the look and feel of travelling on buses has changed considerably in the past decade. The option of choosing bus as a mode of transport has not remained confined to local travel. Many luxurious buses have been introduced, which are becoming the first choice for travelers travelling to a nearby city or state.

Bus Type

Buses come in various seating arrangements and chose the one based on the distance you are travelling and also the comfort of the travelers.

  • Ac – Buses that are equipped with an air conditioner. They can be sitter, semi-sleeper or sleeper.
  • Non AC – These buses do not have air conditioner and their fare is comparatively cheaper. Sleeper – These are available in both AC as well as non AC variants that have the facility of sleeper berths. These are good options for long distance travel and overnight journey. Usually runs on routes with over more than 700 km.
  • Semi Sleeper – These buses come with a reclining seat and push back seats to provide comfort to the travelers. Not as comfortable as the sleeper but better than the sitter buses.
  • Sitter – Good option for short distance travel. Available with both AC as well as Non AV vehicles.

Type of Buses

India’s commercial buses have seen exponential growth in the past few years and many new players are vying with each other to create their strong feet in the travel business. Mentioned below are the types of buses that are commonly used for outstation travel.

  • Luxury – Volvo bus is the most common luxury bus in India. There are various types of Volvo buses but the most commonly used Volvo vehicle in India is the B7R. Other than the Volvo buses Mercedez-Benz too can be categorized as a luxury bus. They ply on long routes and are exceptionally comfortable.
  • Deluxe – Plying mostly on route over 500 km, these are the most commonly used outstation buses in India. As compared to the luxury buses they are less expensive.

Classification of Buses

  • Tour Buses – These buses are generally used to take the tourists across the various attractions within the city.
  • Coach Buses – These buses are used by those travelling long distance and to other cities.
  • Public Transit Buses – The buses used as local transport within the city are classified as Public transit buses. They are similar to taxis and auto rickshaws and are used by civilians for transporting within the city.

Other Terms

  • Multi Axle – These buses have more axles than the contemporary 2 axle buses. These are added for extra load like passengers lift, or comforts of toilet, television and climate control.



Some of the most common amenities available on the buses include video and audio facility, provision of blanket, free bottle of water and charging point. Please ask your bus operator for the availability of the amenities.

How to Book Bus Tickets

Gone are the days when you had to stand long hours at the bus ticket counter, for purchasing the bus ticket. The way of booking a bus ticket has revolutionized and online booking has emerged as the most convenient and safest mode of booking your bus ticket. Besides, there are offices of bus operators, located mostly on the city bus stand, from where you can easily book your ticket. Mentioned are a few online portals from where tourists can book their bus ticket.


Cancellation and Refunds

A cancellation fee is levied on any bus ticket; however, this may vary from one bus service provider to the other as well as the time before departure. As a general rule –

  • Cancellation before 24 hrs of travel – 25% of the fare is deducted.
  • Cancellation within 12 to 24 hours of travel – 75% of the fare is deducted or no refund in some cases.
  • Cancellation before 12 hours of travel or less – No refunds.

Go through the cancellation policy of your bus travelers before purchasing the ticket.